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 Hakuba Jazz Experience Vol.2 「みんなの白馬、冬の音楽祭」
 Produced by Hakuba Productions Inc.

日時 : 2021年12月17日(金曜)
時間:5:30pm~8:00pm (会場4:30pm)

出演 : TOKU/ Marty Holoubek / Chloe Kibble / 
Seiya Onasaka / Masa Kohama / Kaleb James / Kenji "JINO" Hino / Jay Stixx/ Saki Ozawa
入場料 : 事前申込制 無料 (チップ制。公演を聴きその満足度でいただく方法とします)

主管:Hakuba Productions Inc. 
チケット申込 : 11/17より先着順→満席になりました!



白馬村観光局インフォメーション 0261-85-4210

チケット申込 / Ticket request


【アーティスト紹介】Masa Kohama

【アーティスト紹介】Kenji "JINO" Hino



Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village presents
"Hakuba Jazz Experience Vol.2" 「みんなの白馬、冬の音楽祭」
Produced by Hakuba Productions Inc.

[Event registration application will begin on Nov. 17th(Wed) at 10AM]

Hakuba Productions is proud to announce "Hakuba Jazz Experience Vol.2"
with Nine incredible artists including some of the very bests from the Japanese Jazz scene. This event takes place at WING21 on Dec. 17th(Fri) just before Christmas. And as a gift to you from us at Hakuba Productions and the Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village, this will be an admissions free event.
Please note below.
・[Application for tickets required] From Nov.17th(Wed) at 10am, online registration will begin here [ https://tinyurl.com/hakukba-1217 ].  As there are limited seats available, it could go out very quickly.  So stay tuned for Nov.17th.
・[Show us some love and support] Although this is an admissions free event, you will be encouraged to give back to the artist whatever you can after the show. (Tips, merch purchases, etc.).  Music needs support!
・[Please promote our causes] Hakuba Jazz Experience series is our commitment in bringing live music culture to Hakuba because we believe Hakuba will become the place to nurture arts and culture post covid. Please share via social media about the Hakuba Jazz Experience and help us grow this movement.
・[Broadcasting and online viewing] The event will be recorded to be broadcasted through Hakuba cable TV channel(ユーテレ白馬) and also on YouTube as soon as we are done with editing. So don't be too sad if you can't make it to the show, we will have a nice Christmas soundtrack ready for you to enjoy. [Broadcast date TBD]
<Event Outline>
Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village presents
 "Hakuba Jazz Experience Vol.2" 「みんなの白馬、冬の音楽祭」
Produced by Hakuba Productions Inc.
Date : Dec. 17th(Fri) 2021
Admission : Free [Tips and merch purchases encouraged]
Ticket Registration  : Starting at 10AM on Nov.17th(Wed) [ https://tinyurl.com/hakukba-1217 ]
Musicians :
 TOKU (Vocal, Flugelhorn)
 Masa Kohama (Guitar)
 Kaleb James (Keyboard)
 Kenji "JINO" Hino (Bass)
 Chloe Kibble (Vocal)
 Jay Stixx (Drums)
 Marty Holoubek (Bass)
 Seiya Onasaka (Drums)
 Saki Ozawa (Piano) 

 Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village Information 0261-85-4210